YouTube Decides To Make Spyware/Malware You Consent To If You Want To Use Their Video Clips

If you’ve been following the news you’ve no doubt heard that the wildly popular YouTube video sharing site has signed a deal with Warner to distribute music videos, behind the scenes footage, and interviews with artists on their site. This is a huge step for the record industry in realizing that the new frontier of revenue is web content.

Unfortunately there’s a dark cloud to every silver lining. From the article in SFGate, the San Francisco Chronicles online edition, “YouTube is developing technology that will allow the artists to authorize their songs for use, track them and receive royalties. YouTube plans to introduce the technology, which television networks and movie studios will also be able to use, before the end of the year.”

Hmm…that sounds an awful lot like another piece of spyware/malware you’ll be downloading to your machine.

Oh well. It was a good idea at first. Good luck with that.