It’s Your Music, Take It Back!

Alright so you’ve let you’ve shared music at work or maybe you’ve reinstalled iTunes or upgraded, either way you’ve authorized too many people and you can’t listen on your home PC from your old G4 laptop you purchase all your music with. Whatcha gonna do? Deauthorize of course! No, you don’t need to call all your friends and walk them through it, Apple has made it as easy as opening the iTunes Music Store and clicking a button. Here’s how to do it from over at

Playlist Mag: Launch iTunes, select Music Store, and click your Account name in the upper right corner of the iTunes window. When prompted to do so, enter the password for your Apple ID.

At the bottom of the first panel in the Apple Account Information window you’ll see the number of computer authorizations you’ve used.

When you reach five authorizations a new “Deauthorize All” button appears at the bottom of this pane.

If you’re sure that you want to deauthorize all your computers, click this button. iTunes will ask you if you’re really sure. Click Deauthorize All Computers and, as requested, your computers will be deauthorized.