How to uninstall Virex

If you’ve ever looked at the processes on your Mac you might have seen an application called VShieldCheck running and taking up a considerable (80% in my case) amount of your processor power. What is it? Virex, the antivirus software from McAfee that came free with .Mac account for a number of years. But you don’t need it. So here’s how to get rid of it. Lemme tell you, it makes quite a difference.

Apple: “Virex 7.5.x

1. Quit Virex, if it’s currently open.
2. Download the Virex 7.5.x Uninstaller from McAfee’s website McAfee’s website.
3. Double-click the ‘Virex Uninstall.command’ file that should be on your desktop (or wherever downloaded files are saved).
4. Terminal will open and prompt you for your administrator password. Enter your password, then press Return to start the uninstall process.
Note: As you type your password, you will see no indication that any characters are being entered. This is normal. If you entered your password incorrectly, you will be prompted to retype your password.
5. When the Terminal window displays the message logout [Process completed], Virex has been successfully uninstalled. You can quit Terminal.