80’s Hit TV Show Coming to the Big Screen

Well it looks like the hit TV series that starred David Hasselhoff before he went on to Baywatch, Knight Ridder, is headed to the big screen.

CNN: Series creator Glen A. Larson will write and executive produce the Weinstein Co. project, which he anticipates will begin production next year. The project had previously been in development at Sony-based Revolution Studios.

Larson has bandied about the project for years. “A number of people wanted to do a pure comedic send-up of it, but I always felt that would throw away the franchise,” he said. “There was always some humor on the show, but this film will probably have more gallows, foxhole humor.

Despite the darker tone, he said he would aim for a PG-13 rating because he doesn’t want to exclude the series’ core audience. The show ran on NBC from 1982-86.

Evidently Larson is also developing film versions of Magnum, P.I. and The Fall Guy. Magnum was one of my favorite TV shows so I’m left to wonder, who do they have in mind to play Magnum? Although Tom Selleck is a bit older I think he could pull it off if he were to reprise his role.