A Mystery Spot No Longer?

The San Jose Mercury news published this interesting article where one UC professor explains the mystery of Santa Cruz’s famous Mystery Spot. Personally I’m just as baffled as before. Have a look. MercuryNews.com: The spot has been drawing tourists from around the world since 1940, a year after George Prather bought the property, located on…

Kinda Feeling Like A Voyeur

Pssst. Bored? Boss not looking? Got a few minutes? Check this out.Goocam World Map Some ingenious critter took the Google results for open webcams on the internet and plotted the geolocation of their IP then placed it all on a Google map. The result? A few minutes of boredom relief. Enjoy. [Go there now]

links for 2006-01-05

gesamtbild design A great design company that redesigned the MacNN site. Great designs. Awesome look. (tags: CSS inspiration portfolio Design)

Are New Video Game Sales Driving The PC Market?

Late last year Call of Duty 2, to Call of Duty and the popular United Offensive expansion pack, debut creating a new standard in graphics and online game realism. Call of Duty 2 quickly struck a chord with fans and had teenagers and adults alike swarming stores to pickup this latest release from the folks…