Stop Sounding Like a PC Noob in 10 Easy Steps

Possibly one of the funniest things I’ve read in the last 10 minutes, Chris Caines wrote a great column on how to stop sounding like a computer n00b. This is definitely worth wasting a few minutes reading. My favorites are number 3:

3. Only have one of four types of Desktop Background

Real people do not have pictures of their family, pets, football team or where they went on holiday as their desktop and they certainly don’t have any of the ones which come with Windows.

and number 9:

9. Don’t stick your tongue out when you’re browsing web sites

Time and time again, this little sucker gives people away. When you’re concentrating, lots of people involuntarily wave their tongue around like it’s trying to escape. The last thing you want people to think is that you’re concentrating on trying to use the Internet.

Enjoy. [Go There Now]