links for 2005-10-25

Knoppmyth A Knoppix install of Myth TV Linux PVR. (tags: cool Debian hacks diy howto Install Linux media opensource software TV video knoppix mythtv pvr)

Bush’s War in Iraq More Costly for Californians

Mercury News: “Personnel from California make up the highest numbers of those killed, 10.6 percent, according to statistics drawn from Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, a Web site that compiles data on U.S. and allied casualties from Pentagon press releases and news reports.” Tags: California

Scientists Believe They Know How Tall Your Kids Will Be

So do you want to know how tall your son or daughter will be when they grow up and if they’ll be able to play professional basketball? Well now a team of Canadian researchers believe they can tell you. Take a look. Medpage today: How tall will your child be? It’s a question that has…

Getting the Inside Dirt on a Mythbuster

Joe has a great interview with Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters. Here’s a short excerpt. Joe Joe: Free rant: name something that pisses you off and what you’d like to do about it. Jamie: “Traffic lights could be fixed to where you spend a fraction of the time you do sitting at them. What’s…