Woman Struck By Lightning

Yes, only in the town I live in could/would this happen.

WZZM News: “A Modesto woman is in critical condition after being struck by lightning during an intense thunderstorm that passed through the area Tuesday evening.

Peggy Montijo, 53, was walking down the sidewalk on Peppermint Drive when she was hit. Neighbors saw it happen and offered aid immediately.

“I looked out my kitchen window and saw her laying on the ground,” said Rob Ettellett. “She started turning blue. We couldn’t wait any longer, so I gave her mouth to mouth.”

Another neighbor took Montijo out of the rain and into his house, where paramedics treated her. “All I could see was her hair sizzling, her face was purple and blood was coming out of her left eye,” said Dan Beauchene.

Montijo was taken to the intensive care unit at Memorial Medical Center where she remains in critical condition.

The lightning strike was part of a storm from the south that pelted Stanislaus County with heavy rain and lightning and caused power outages and downed trees. Authorities say lightning also hit several houses, though no serious damage was reported.”

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