Camino Races Out of the Gate

Holy Crap Mac users! Camino 0.9a2 rocks! The new browser features a Firefox-like use of tabs while maintaining the Cocoa built UI that allows the user access to all the Macs native services and scripts. You can even change the default browser from Camino! That’s something you couldn’t do from Firefox. Camino just became my…

links for 2005-07-29

ZipFizz . Healthy Energy in the pop-top tube. Just add water, Zipfizz is a self-carbonating energy drink that pumps you up. (tags: health nutrition) PhotoshopNews: Photoshop News and Information The Latest News and Information on Adobe Photoshop (tags: photoshop blog news adobe photography graphics design software weblog web)

Joey deVilla: “The “Vista” in “Windows Vista” as an Acronym”

OMG. This rocks. I nearly bust a gut. Joey deVilla’s: Someone on the #joiito IRC channel quipped that the “Vista” in Windows Vista (the next version of the Microsoft Windows) is an acronym for the top five Windows problems:VirusesInstabilitySpywareTrojansAdwareSpyware and adware are serious enough problems that according to Bob and Greg from Tucows’ shareware department,…

Better Photography With DNG

My camera is almost always set on RAW format when I’m shooting. It’s what happens next that really makes the difference though. Rather than using Adobe’s connection software or I photo I use theAdobe DNG Converter to transfer my photos from my camera and save them in a specified folder. What’s so special about DNG…

A Visit to Adobe

Robert Scoble posted a link to the really cool tour inside Adobe’s headquarters and the Photoshop development teams offices. If you’ve ever wondered how theother half lived… Tags: design, photography, photoshop, digitalphotography, software, technology