One of my friends at work brought in a couple of tubes of ZipFizz, the self-carbonating, just-add-water energy drink. For No Sugar (uses sucralose), 5 calories, and 1 carb this stuff was pretty good. It contains ginseng, caffeine, taurine, several amino acids, and 41,667% of the USDA’s recommended dose of Vitamin B12. I kid you not.

It didn’t leave me feeling shaky or antsy but I felt like I’d had a good nights sleep and a slight feeling of euphoria. Interesting stuff. I’d say it was better than coffee as a pick me up.


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  1. Hi there, I currently work for Vango Enterprises and we are one of the main distributors of zipfizz healthy energy mix. I also am the webmaster at (mz zipfizz unlimited light hydroplane). Let me tell you this stuff is amazing with only 10 calories and a natural source of caffeine from green tea leaf and 0 sugar. Compare it with redbull, rockstar, monster, full throttle, and gatorade you won’t believe it.
    If you don’t know they have two flavors currently citrus and berry. Citrus people are mostly buying from costco in 20 packs but they don’t sell berry. If you want to find berry 20 packs check us out at we have the lowest price on berry 20 packs. Plus we also will sell you 20 packs mixed 10 citrus/10 berry which you will find nowhere else.
    If you want a free sample come down to the hot pits during a hydroplane race or goto

  2. I’m an active duty marine that will be deploying soon and would like to have some zipfizz to take with me to last 7 months. I would also would not mind giving a testimonial. I think the portability of it compared to the other canned products makes it extremely convenient. The nutritional value is quite impressive as well. I dont go anywhere with out water so I keep the tubes in my cargo pocket and when I need a little zip, I zip it up with zipfizz!

  3. I agree that the stuff makes you feel great and tastes good too…but should I be concerned with the amount of B-12? I searched th web for side-effects of too much B-12, but didn’t come up with anything substantive. Anyone have any info on how much B-12 is too much?

  4. I purchased an order from 3 weeks ago and now when you try to go to that website nothing pulls up. I hope I didn’t fall for a scam. I know that zip fizz is good, however, I am not sure about the web site. I am now concerned that I may have been ripped off. I sure hope not

  5. This is a reply to ehsan seyedi. I am currently promoting this product in Virginia. I would be glad to give you some free samples of zipfizz. I can also include some for others in your platoon. As the brother of a Marine, and myself attending OCS at Quantico this past summer, I can always hook up a Marine. Email me and I’ll send you some. Also, I’ll be in the Camp Leguene area in the next weeks. Contact

  6. Karen, Don’t worry you wern’t the only one that was ripped off, I bought mine around the same time you did….. seems as though they took the money a ran. Paypal is investigating mine, but no money has been able to get recovered yet.


  7. I ordered some stuff from MzZipfizz too a couple weeks ago. I have not received anything as of yet and when i try to contact the vendor by e-mail I get no resdponse. The web site is not there anymore either. BEWARE PEEPS! I’m starting to think I got ripped off.

  8. I personally love zipfizz. Used as a stimulant (like coffee) to wake me up in the morning or keep me going when I’m exhausted, it is very effective. I still drink coffee but often not as much (one cup instead of 1-2 pots) but the zipfizz wakes me up without giving shakes or the wierd feeling that you get when you are really overcaffeinated.

    Anyway, I just wanted to post to say that they probably have so much B12 in those things that the majority never even really touches your system or it is almost immediately excreted. Regardless, as far as I know there are no known toxicities from B12:

  9. NOT A SCAM!!! Use this address ( happen to be a huge fan of ZipFiz. I work hard, play hard, and when I party, I’m never the soft guy who turns in early. And forget about the hangover. It’s like i’ve got an edge. I’m almost cheating.The ingredients explain the reason the stuff works. And it keeps on working. I’ve used it through two of my bussiest seasons and kept my crew alive on ZipFiz. The one I drank this morn’n still has the effect i’m looking for. Try it in a strawberry daquiri tonight!!!

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