Firefox Issues Not Gone

With Firefox 1.0.4 there were some issues. Oh! were there some issues. Sudden freeze ups, slow browsing, LAG!!! I thought for a while there it was maybe my computer’s configuration or the configuration of Firefox and it’s plugins causing the issue but the more and more people I talked to, the end story was the same. Something was wrong with Firefox.

The other day Dane and I decided to do some troubleshooting to see if we couldn’t fix the problem. When we went to the Mozilla site we came across soemthing interesting, a new version of Firefox, 1.0.5, had been released. We quickly downloaded and replaced the older, existing version.

But wait! Did you notice? WE DOWNLOADED. Where was the auto update in all this? Why didn’t auto update tell us there was a new version? I had even been clicking the auto update button in the preferences just that day. Oye!

The new version appears to work great. No freeze ups. No lagging. Back to the fast, fun browser that we all fell in love with. Until I noticed one of the issues had perpetuated into this new version. Oh sure, all the other issues were gone but this one was a big ‘pain-in-the-ass’ considering I use the Fox as my default browser. Sometimes, when you click a hyperlink in an application and Firefox is closed, it doesn’t open the link. It starts the application, but it doesn’t spawn a window.

This is something I’d already tackled with 1.0.4 and no matter what I did (remove plugins, etc. etc.) it still happened. Oh, not EVERY single time, but more than 50% of the time. Just enough to make it an annoyance.

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