Google and the Big Plan

Here’s an idea how Google can become the world leader in search and make some capital. Pick a tourist destination, let’s say, San Francisco. Now imagine a a round booth with 4 touch screen terminals. On top is the Google logo emblazoned so everyone within a mile knows what it is. (we’re working on brand familiarity here).

Now imagine you’re visiting this city and you want to know where to eat close by. Walk up to the terminal, insert your “Google Card” your account is automatically debited a small fee so you can use their terminal. You sign into your account and pull up a listing for local restaurants and a Google map showing the location of each. You tap one of the search results on the screen then tap the “CALL” button. Using Google-Skype you’re connected to the restaurant from your search result and make a reservation. When you’re done with the phone call you hit END CALL.

While you’re there you notice the GMAIL icon shows you have a few Gmails so you tap the GMAIL button on the screen and quickly read your Gmail. You type out a quick reply on the keyboard and hit the SEND button on the screen. When you’re all done you hit the LOGOUT button and your card is ejected along with a receipt showing how much you paid to use the terminal. Maybe $1 or so.

Sound like the future? Not really. Google or another search giant could do this anytime they want. All the cards are in place it’s merely for them to set up.

You may have noticed I said the fee was $1 or so for using the terminal. That’s right. $1. If it’s too expensive people won’t do it. Look at the success of iTunes. The real money to pay for this venture will be from the Google Card itself. The card only needs to be a Mastercard/Visa or a pay as you go debit for the plan to make money.

Google would be able to anonymously tabulate use information to offer retailers vital information on shopping trends, product placements, and advertising.

What do you think?

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