Bye Bye Infoworld

I don’t mind ad’s in RSS feeds. In fact, I find that text ads are unobtrusive and don’t really interefere with my reading. Infoworld’s ads howerver; huge, monsterous image ads place in the middle of the article. What a waste. This is one of the few times I’m going to exercise this right in this…

X & Y

So I picked up the newColdplay album X&Y and I must say, I’m wholly impressed. This is probably their best album yet. I like every single track on the album. Since I picked the album up on iTunes it was only $11.99 for the digital download and came with a video and digital booklet. A…

Deep Impact Full of Surprises

NASA: Data from Deep Impact’s instruments indicate an immense cloud of fine powdery material was released when the probe slammed into the nucleus of comet Tempel 1 at 6.3 miles per second. The cloud indicated the comet is covered in the powdery stuff. The Deep Impact science team continues to wade through gigabytes of data…

Google Toolbar for Firefox

To my friends working at Google: Sorry guys. I installed and uninstalled the new Google toolbar for Firefox in less than 5 minutes. Why? It didn’t offer me anything I couldn’t already do with Firefox. Tags: Google

Video iPods on the way?

I just picked up the new ColdPlay album X&Y from iTunes including the digital booklet and video and got an intriguing error message. “The video was not transfered into your iPod as THIS iPod cannot play it.” Does this mean the Video iPod is on the way? Tags: Apple, iPod, Mac, video iPod