GPS For The Rest of Us

After our recent trip down the eastern side of the Sierra, I realize how nice it would be to have a GPS unit that interacted with my laptop so we could pinpoint our exact location. Don’t get me wrong; navigating by the GPS’s little built-in map wasn’t bad. But it sure would have been nice to see what was coming up in the way of towns that were too small to fit in the GPS’ internal database and the attractions (we totally missed Mt. Whitney because it was obscured by an alkali dust storm off Owens Lake).

The problem with my GPS unit is the manufacturer assumes all laptops run on Windows and have serial conections. SERIAL!!! Hasn’t anyone heard of USB2 or 4 pin Firewire? offers a solution. They have a wide stock of data cables compatible with most GPS units and software that’ll allow you to integrate your GPS unit with your Mac.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

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