Space Shuttle Launch Forms Strange Cloud (registration required): The last launch of the doomed space shuttle Columbia created an exhaust plume two miles wide and 650 miles long that traveled all the way to Antarctica and triggered the formation of mysterious clouds, scientists reported Wednesday. Tags: news, environment, puppy, science

Police bust bar’s bikers in Modesto

The Modesto Bee: The Modesto Police Department sent more than a dozen officers to crack down on motorcyclists at a downtown bar Wednesday night. I saw this happening. I was downtown dropping off bills when I noticed an awful lot of police activity. The motorcyclists weren’t “Hell’s Angels” though, so don’t stereotype them too quickly….

Police use tear gas, bean bag to arrest Modesto man

I am so moving to Sonora. Modesto Bee: “Police Special Weapons and Tactics team members raided the home of a Modesto man Wednesday and arrested him on suspicion of cutting his son’s face with an 8-inch knife, police said.” Technorati Tags: California, news, Modesto

Go Camping With Veer

Veer has a great way of advertising their photos, by making them part of an awesome game. Go camping with Veer. (Mouse over the guy up the tree then hit spacebar. Make sure you avoid the squirrels while catching food. Oh! The bear is not friendly either.)

An Interesting Conversation

Here’s a very interesting conversation taking place over on Flickr. JIHAD IS NOT TERRORISM: Everyone in flickr, westerners or arabs, jihad is NOT terrorism! what poeple like Osama Bin LAden and other terrorists are doing is NOT JIHAD! What they THINK is jihad is NOT! jihad is about DEFENDING ISLAM INCASE SOMEONE INVADES! NOT GOING…

Trendy Logos

Graphic Design USA has an interesting look at logo trends for 2005. Technorati Tags: design, puppy, web

GPS For The Rest of Us

After our recent trip down the eastern side of the Sierra, I realize how nice it would be to have a GPS unit that interacted with my laptop so we could pinpoint our exact location. Don’t get me wrong; navigating by the GPS’s little built-in map wasn’t bad. But it sure would have been nice…

The Editor of OPML

Brent Simmons wrote some code and damn fine code it is too, Brent. 😉 Technorati Tags: blogging, opml, newsaggregator, web