SBC Hates Your Email

I, like many people, send email through my hosted domain’s webserver. Just recently though I’ve been unable to send email and have been getting send errors. Turn out the culprit isn’t the setting on my computer or my connection itself, but the company I chose to provide my internet service, SBC.

SBC Yahoo! Help: “SBC Internet Services (SBCIS) is taking positive steps to help combat junk email and spam. In addition to network upgrades, free spam filtering and anti-virus software, SBCIS is implementing outbound email SMTP port controls to ensure that its network is as reliable as possible for our Members.

As announced in the September 2004 Member newsletters, SBCIS began filtering direct outgoing email connections using Port 25 (SMTP) to non-SBCIS/Yahoo mail servers from Members using dynamic DSL and Dialup connections. Port 25 filters are widely used by many ISPs to combat junk email and spam from mis-configured and virus-infected computers.”

This sucks because it’s not only affecting my email here at but all my other domains (5 total) and even my .Mac account.

Oye vey! What port will they be blocking next? Can I expect to get locked out of my weblog?