Jeremy Zawodny: Customize Google News… Why?

Yesterday Jeremy Zawodny, wrote his take on the changes Google made to Google news. All very good and interesting points. My favorite part, however, is the reply Jeremy got in his comments on the post. I put them in order so you could read Jeremy’s comment then the reply. Enjoy.

Jeremy Zawodny: “Maybe I’m seriously missing something and you can help me out here. I’ve been known to drink the Google kool aid now and then, but their stuff is so… uneven. I know, I know. It’s beta. And it has been for years.

The ‘big news’ is that you can now customize Google News and that’s interesting I guess.

But I use a few browsers and several computers. Without any sort of login or registration system, though, I have to make the same customizations on each of those machines and on each browser.

What the heck?

Isn’t that like having a version of My Yahoo! that just forgets your settings every time you use a new computer?”

Hi Jeremey

Thanks for the input , we are working on the same and will update you once done. please give your other inputs on the same.

Steve edwin
Google News-Chief Architect

Nice to see that Google is paying attention. Also, nice to see that Jeremy is (inadvertently at best) helping the competition.