More and Less at the Same Time

My desktop just got that much cleaner and that much more crowded all at the same time. I cleared it off to get rid of one old computer case and replace it with a new one with a working computer. Of course, with the new computer comes ANOTHER mouse and keyboard.

This brings the total amount of computers on my desktop to 3 now. One WindowsXP, my Mac Powerbook G4, and now a new Linux machine running Debian/GNU in the form of Knoppix 3.7.

I’m not sure if I’m going to go for installing Debian from the Knoppix CD or if I’m going to try Mandrake again. It depends on which is easier. I’ll tell you though, I really like working on the Linux machine. It’s nice and fairly fast for being an 800mhz Celeron with only 256mb ram.

I think for right now I’m going to play around with it some and try it out but I’m sure tomorrow I’ll get a bug up my butt and decide to format the hard drive and do a full install. My intention is to make this one a server anyway and do atleast some hosting in house.

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  1. I’ve been enjoying CentOS, the free clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, on both my workstation and webserver. Rock solid, simple to secure, uses yum or up2date for patching (yum works better, especially for the initial patching).

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