The Trademark Blog Leaves Bloglines in the Cold

The Trademark Blog: “It was brought to my attention that a website named Bloglines was reproducing the Trademark Blog, surrounding it with its own frame, stripping the page of my contact info.  It identifies itself as a news aggregator.  It is not authorized to reproduce my content nor to change the appearance of my pages, which it does.  In response to my inquiry to Blogline’s CEO as to whether they sell advertising, he indicated that they ‘are not currently running advertising.’  Nevertheless, the Blogline’s home page currently is soliciting ‘targeted advertisements.’  I would also assume that Blogline is accumulating commercially-useful mailing lists (its privacy policy appears to allow it to sell information).  The privacy policy also has a provision entitled ‘mergers and acquisitions’ clearly allowing it to sell its lists.

Thus, in my view, Bloglines’ reproduction of my site is a commercial derivative work.  Bloglines has agreed to remove my site from its service and I thank it in advance for its cooperation.”

Hmm. I guess I never thought of it like that. Point well taken. Of course, this is a great argument for not publishing entire posts in your feed. 😉