Taming Text with TextWrangler

TextWranglerlogo.pngFor years the top of the line editor for the Mac platform was Bare Bones Softwares BBEdit. In fact, it’s so good Apple bundles a demo license with OS X. Seeing the need for a more powerful but still inexpensive version of BBEdit Lite Bare Bones Software has released TextWrangler, a free and fully functional text editor.

Believe me, it’s awesome. In my initial testing TextWrangler is much more OS X friendly than other programs and doesn’t bog down your system. Just being able to load files from a remote ftp server, edit them, and put them back in the time it takes most programs to load up makes it a step above the competition in my book.

TextWrangler is a…:

TextWrangler is a very capable text editor. What sets BBEdit apart is its extensive professional feature set including Web authoring capabilities and software development tools. BBEdit’s additional features for professionals

TextWrangler is considerably more modern and capable than BBEdit Lite. Among other things, it can open files from (and save them) to remote FTP servers, offers a significantly more powerful grep engine, supports multi-byte and non-Roman text files, can perform Find Differences on pairs of files, and can be invoked from the Unix command line.