Netflix Building Community

netflix-friends-thumb.jpgSo it looks like Netflix is jumping on the social software band wagon and opening up a new service that allows you to recommend movies to your friends and family also using Netflix.

Here are the FAQ’s from Netflix:

How do I let my friends know I want them to be on my Friends list?
It’s simple – send them an invitation and we take care of the rest! After you type in their e-mail address and add any personal comments, we’ll send them your invitation and let them know you want them on your friends list. Once they accept your invitation they will appear on your friends list.

Can I invite Friends that are not already Netflix customers?
Currently Netflix Friends is only available to Netflix members. Since this feature is all about sharing ratings and using the website to suggest movies, everyone needs to be using the website.

Can I update my friends list later?
Absolutely. You are in complete control of who is on your friends list and what you share with them. You can easily add and remove anyone from your friends list at any time.

Once I’ve set up a Friends List can anyone send me an invitation?
If someone knows your e-mail address they can send you a single invitation to join their Netflix Friends List. If you are not interested in joining their Friends List you can simply decline or ignore their invitation.

What if I don’t know my friends e-mail address?
You should try to send out invitations using the e-mail address your friend uses with their Netflix service. If you aren’t sure which e-mail address your friend uses to access their Netflix account, go ahead and use whatever e-mail address you have and we’ll do our best to recognize them when they visit the website.

Will my Friends see my ratings?
Yes. Both you and your Friends will see how one another rated movies.

Can I hide certain movies from Friends?
If you don’t rate a movie your friends won’t see it.

Can anyone other than my Friends see my information?
No. Only the people you’ve invited to join your Friends List can see your ratings.