Modesto Police Begin Ticketing Car Owners Who Leave Cars Idling

This is very interesting. It brings to ming a whole slew of questions regarding the law and its affects on our civil liberties. I don’t necesarily know if this is the answer to the local car theft problem.

KXYV 10: “Modesto car owners who start their cars to warm them up and leave them unattended may find a ticket when they return. Police say it’s one way to thwart thieves in a region with the nation’s highest rate of vehicle thefts.

According to a report released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau in November, thieves steal about 600 vehicles each month in Stanislaus County. About one in four had the keys left in them.

For some time, Modesto has had a law on the books prohibiting leaving keys inside unoccupied cars. Police are cracking down on violators, citing them $100 for the first offense. A second offense within a year is $250 and a third will cost the offender $500. ‘[We] just don’t want to be number one in the nation for auto theft and provide the opportunity,’ said police spokesperson Rick Applegate.”