In A Pickle

I have a small problem and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to handle it. I’m now doing a lot of shooting with my D70 and posting the photos to my Flickr account. Several of you (like Joe, Dane, and Phil) are in my contact list so you see when I put something new up but the majority of you don’t.

I’ve been cross-posting some of the photos over at but something is breaking my WordPress installation and I’m daily having to upload the index.php template. On days I forget to upload the template or if it breaks in the middle of the day, you’re screwed.

For those of you using an RSS reader the answer is simple, add the RSS (or Atom) feed to your aggregator. That’s how I keep track of what everyone is posting.

But what should I do for those of you not using an RSS reader?

There is the Flickr Zeitgeist which shows recently uploaded pictures. There’s also the option of messing with the API and hacking together a script to place a rotating image onto the site or pulling the RSS myself and writing some code to extract the image URI’s from that. Both entail more work than I’m wanting to put into it at the moment.

Going to think about this one for a bit. Have I mentioned how great RSS readers are for keeping up with a lot of sites and how almost EVERYBODY is offering RSS feeds now? In fact, most of the major browsers (except Internet Explorer) have the capability of subscribing to RSS feeds? Ask me more about using an RSS reader and I’ll be glad to share with you what I know.

IN ADDENDUM: A solution? Flickr has a “badge” which allows you to specify how many photos and what size to put on your blog. If you’re reading this and you’ve visited my site you’ve no doubt noticed them off to the right.

You really should use an RSS reader though. It’s very advantageous as it allows you to see when posts have been updated as well as when new stuff is added.