Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

ts-banner.gifIf you’e had a chance to visit the website in person, not just on your aggregator, then you’ve probably noticed that the old, boring, brown and grey theme is gone. In its place is a sharp, new, professional look. If you’re thinking the Top Style grapic at the left has something to do with it, then you’re probably right.

I’ve used the demo version of Top Style many times but when it came time to purchase the program I was in the middle of transitioning to OS X, a platform unsupported by Top Style. Finally, out of desperation and aggravation over issues to the Yosemite Blog theme that wasn’t panning out, I turned to the PC and purchased a copy of Top Style.

Fabulous. Nick Bradbury has made me a user for life. It’s an awesome program. If you’re serious about your code then this is the program that you should be opening when you sit down to code.

It’s money well spent.

NOW…we just need a Mac version.

Oh! And if you’re wondering if I got the issues fixed over at Yosemite Blog. Take a look.