Make a Smarter TV

Imagine watching a movie on TV when it breaks for commercial. Yes, we all hate commercials. Not only do they interrupt the flow of the movie but often the movie is edited just to make room for commercials and to fit into the stations programming schedule.

What if you could click a button on your PVR and it would automatically download the same movie, in its entirety, to your hard drive for viewing? Wouldn’t that be nice. No commercials. No time edits.

Sure TiVo is working with Netflix to deliver movies from your Netflix Queue directly to your DVR and of course you can always see if it’s playing on one of the pay channels but by the time you get it in your queue or it comes on the pay channel you might not be in the mood to watch the movie anymore.

What I’m talking about is a system where the movie is automatically selected from a queue (either at the station broadcasting the movie or another party) based upon the program you’re currently watching on TV and delivered immediately to you home. While other people are watching commercials, you’re watching the same movie uncut and commercial free.

The technology is already in place. Your DVR knows what your watching and can easily correspond to a retailers system to download the movie. Someone make it happen.