Deleting Comments: What Would You Do?

Dane has asked an interesting question over at his Business-Opportunities blog:

When someone asks you to remove a comment that they made on your weblog, what do you do?

Do you remove it?
Do you require that they prove that they posted the comment? How?
Do you make a notation on the page indicating that you’ve removed a comment?
I was planning to wait and bring this up at BloggerCon, but I’ve already had two requests this week, and really would like to know what the rest of the community thinks about this.

PS, Does anyone else get these kinds of requests?

My personal feeling is that it would depend on the comment. If it was an honest mistake and didn’t affect the thread I’d willingly oblige. If, however, it broke the thread and caused the remaining comments to seem off topic I would leave it.

But really it would depend on the comment.