The Autobody Politic

OMG! Another traffic analogy!

Politics can be compared to the freeway. On the left are the liberals. Racing along in their shiny new cars always in a hurry to get where they’re going and not afraid to weave in and out of traffic. They are characterized by gratuitous horn-honking whenever something doesn’t go their way.

On the right are the conservatives. Resistant to change, they move at their own pace waiting for the next exit. They are easily identifiable by their old age and dark glasses issued by the optopmetrist after having their eyes dialated. Don’t mind them if they pull in front of you, you shouldn’t have been in their way.

In the middle lane are the rest of us who wonder why the asshole on the left is going so fast and cutting in and out of traffic while the assholes on the right won’t speed up or slow down so we can get over before we miss our exit.

2 Replies to “The Autobody Politic”

  1. Interesting analogy, Loyd. As I read it, I realized that its more true than it appears at first glance. It does tie in perfectly with my world view — because while the liberals and conservatives fight with the “middle of the roaders” for control of the freeway, the market anarchists and I are taking the smaller, less travelled, but faster back roads.

    It seems we’re probably not even going the same place.

  2. its the conservatives in the big trucks and SUV’s that drive like maniacs. You ever try and speed in a VW microbus?

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