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Robert says:

Live Bookmarks:

Loyd writes about hard-to-find RSS feeds:

If you really want people to read your site stick the link to your XML/Atom file right at the top. Next to someone actually visiting your site, it’s the most important thing you could offer. Make it noticeable. Make it stand out from your other content.

To that I say “pish posh” or “tish tosh” or some other cluck-clucking of my tongue. Why push all of that hard work onto the poor web neophyte who’s just trying to share a few pithy observations now and then? It’s a great idea to make the RSS feed more visible, but there’s a better way to do it.

Just upgrade your browser to Firefox and take advantage of their live bookmarks. If a site has an RSS feed, an icon automagically appears in the lower right-hand corner of your browser window. The RSS icon will always be in the same place, regardless of individual design considerations, allowing you to easily turn your Firefox browser into a news aggregator.

Thanks Robert. That’s a very good point. I myself use Firefox with the Feed Your Reader plugin to quickly and expeditiously add RSS feeds to my aggregator (Net News Wire 2.0) but, unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. Firefox’s Live Bookmarks feature has a problem recognizing malformed RSS feeds, as noted previously during our testdrive of Firefox 1.0 pr. This means simply that quite a few feeds, including some of those found on Yahoo!, aren’t recognized by Mozilla as being RSS feeds.

So, I’m still under the opinion that good ol’ fashioned thoughtfulness on the part of the designer is the best option, atleast until someone builds a better mousetrap.

BTW. This is the spot where I point out to everyone that the links to my own RSS and Atom feeds fall WELL BELOW the fold. “Lead by example.” That’s my motto.