Number 1 tip for garnishing readership

Most people miss the obvious. They create their site, post some stuff, add some links to other people they find interesting who might have inspired them to blog, then they sit back and wait for people to read their site.

The fact is, most people aren’t going to physically visit your site. It takes time to do that and weblog culture has long been based around the idea of using an XML dialect to read your site remotely through “feeds”.

The thing I’m noticing from both novices and long time web citizens, is that most don’t think about where they place the link to their RSS/Atom feeds. More and more I either a) can’t find them at all or b) find them tucked away at the bottom of a very long scrolling page.

Syndication is the way to get people to read your site. People are lazy. They’d much rather look at 100 sites in a news aggregator that only shows them when something has changed than to type in the URL’s of 100 sites.

If you really want people to read your site stick the link to your XML/Atom file right at the top. Next to someone actually visiting your site, it’s the most important thing you could offer.

Make it noticeable. Make it stand out from your other content. Make it stand up and say “Hey! I want you to read my site and if you’re not going to come here daily atleast read me in your news aggregator!“.