What Are They Hiding: EPA tells employees to keep quiet

EPA Imposes Gag Rule on its Employees: “

Bush Greenwatch Print Page

The Bush administration is noted for its strict control of
“leaks” to the press and its discipline regarding perceived acts
of dissent.

Now, President Bush’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has
ordered its staff to “refrain from answering” questions from the
news media, according to an agency memo obtained by Public
Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). [1]

The gag order was issued by Bharat Marthur, the top EPA official
for the Midwestern region. In a memo to all regional staff,
Marthur forbids EPA staff from initiating contact with the press
or responding to any press queries. Even EPA’s designated
spokespeople must now “report their conversations” with
reporters to the Office of Public Affairs.

(Via Howling At A Waning Moon.)

Let’s try to remember WHO we work for, ump-kay? As an informed, educated, voting, tax-paying, patriotic citizen crap like this pisses me off. Remember, next time you see your elected official ask them “I’m a voter. Shouldn’t you be kissing my ass or something?”