Mac’s and dead Mic’s

Well damn. I was working on getting an environment set up for podcasting last night when my mic went out. It’s old. It’s a piece of crap so I went out and got a new one. Worked great. I skyped a couple of friends and we chatted for a while.

When I went to podcast I could hijack our skype conversation no problem. I started Garage Band, set up a voice channel, started audio hijack and my mic was dead.

I checked the audio config and the internal mic works just fine but my new headset mic doesn’t get any input at all.

I tested on my wife’s laptop running XP and the mic works awesome so somewhere down the line something is shutting down the line-in port on my Mac. I’m pretty sure the mic input is OK.

Oddly enough I’ve encountered the same kind of problem on my Linux box where an app had taken control of the input from the mic and wouldn’t release it.

Anyone with any insight feel free to email.