Test Driving: Mozilla Firebird 1.0pr (Mac)

I’m taking Mozilla Firebird 1.0pr on the Mac for a test drive. I’ve got to say. I’m excited by the new features and eager to see what you’ve done. So, let’s go!

First thing I notice is an error warning me some extensions from a previous version weren’t compatible with this version.

Disappointing. One of the extensions listed as being incompatible is the Web Developer bar I love and use so much.

I can see the QA guys over at Moz missed this one because it works fine. Still fully functional without a hitch.

The RSS things is…kinda…nice…uh… is it checking feeds every-time I open the browser? God, I hope not. That’s kind of like running into the liquor store to pick up a soda and being forced to buy a months worth of groceries.

Hmm… didn’t recognize there was a feed there. Nor there. Missed Atom and RSS both.

Found that one alright.

Interesting. The feeds in bookmarks don’t apperar to have any way of denoting when they’re recently updated.

Rendering and page loads…. same as previous version.
Ease of use………………………same.
Pop-up blocking……………….good.

Is that new? That Windows XP SP2’ish bar that appears at the top of the page whenever a pop-up window is blocked? I’ve never noticed that before. Must be.

Looks good guys! Good job.