Who am I reading?

Want to see if I’m reading your site? My most current OPML file is available here. Feel free to take a look.

Test Driving: Mozilla Firebird 1.0pr (Mac)

I’m taking Mozilla Firebird 1.0pr on the Mac for a test drive. I’ve got to say. I’m excited by the new features and eager to see what you’ve done. So, let’s go! First thing I notice is an error warning me some extensions from a previous version weren’t compatible with this version. Disappointing. One of…

Free! Gmail!

NO contests. NO gimmicks. I’ve got 5 Gmail invites and I think I’ve got 5 people who visit that want them. If you’re one of those 5 and you’d like one then comment on this post and I’ll get ya’ one. Only have 5 right now so start posting. Oh! Don’t forget to put your…

The War President

Just wanted to point something out. Bush is the only President to start a war with two separate countries in a 4 year term of office. Now we know why they call him the “war president”. How many you think we’ll get out of him in the next 4 years?