Becoming a victim

Well it appears someone raided our trash and picked up a credit card solicitation that we had missed and accidentally discarded without shredding it first. This person opened a Home Depot account online then tried to use the card at the local Home Depot.

Apparently the form used to sign people up online offers only a series of “yes/no” questions and no way to verify the persons identity.

The person was able to ring up $41 worth of charges at the local Home Depot before someone thought to ask for I.D.

Brilliant fucking people work at Home Depot obviously. I have a feeling the management at Home Depot will be receiving a) a visit from me, and b) a letter to corporate about their lax security policy. I can also guarantee never shopping at Home Depot.

It’s been policy in most stores to check for I.D. when someone uses a credit or ATM card since my wife left retail over 3 years ago. What were they thinking?

Ironic that I work with products aimed at helping people prevent identity theft then we become a victim.