Caution: remodeling bug. Highly contagious.

Keith is in the process of remodeling too. I’d say “looks good” but I think he knows that already so I’ll just point out what a kick ass designer he is. Dude you rock.

You may notice things have changed around here. I’ve begun to work on my re-branding efforts and figured I’d get the visual aspects of that up and running. I’ve not completed all the work I need to do there, but it’s pretty far along.

I realize it’s different and that many won’t like the changes. I will make many adjustments in the next few weeks, and I’ll be listening to every bit of feedback I get. So feel free to chime in if you care to. Realize, though, that I’m trying to do something different without making huge changes to the site. The goal here is to differentiate and inject some must needed “uniqueness” into the look and feel of Asterisk. [Asterisk]