Gmail and Safari

I’ve always used Firefox to view my Gmail account so until tonight, when I opened Gmail in Safari, I had no clue it looked so different. Not sure what it is but something seems different. I kinda like it.

GI’s receive memorial from Iraqi artisan

San Jose Mercury News:A life-size statue of a GI in mourning made from the bronze of two melted-down monuments to Saddam Hussein was dedicated to the 4th Infantry Division. Hundreds of soldiers at a ceremony Thursday joined family members and friends of the 75 men and six women from the division killed in the war….

Big quake expected to rock Southern California this weekend

The Bakersfield Channel: The magnitude is thought to be 8 or greater and even though forecasting an earthquake is nearly impossible, a major one is now overdue. “We are long overdue and the longer we don’t have a quake, the more stress builds up along the fault,” said Dr. Gregg Wilkerson, a geologist with the…

Horst sets the record straight about Schwarzenegger

The Aardvark Speaks: Interesting snippets from a recent speech by a man with memory problems: Arnold Schwarzenegger: “When I was a boy, the Soviets occupied part of Austria. I saw their tanks in the streets.”. The part of Austria where Schwarzenegger lived and grew up was occupied by British, not Soviet troops. Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I…