New iMac G5’s Unveiled

New iMac’s are out and they’re awesome looking!

With everything tucked inside the display and added support for 802.11g and Bluetooth the only cord you’ll need is power.

You gotta check’em out on the Apple site.

3 Replies to “New iMac G5’s Unveiled”

  1. actually, they just ripped off a 3 year-old GATEWAY computer.

    i think the previous iMac is way better.

  2. You mean that POS (piece of shit) Gateway we got at work? The one sitting on the floor because it’s crap?

    HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH. Just thought I’d let you know what happened to that thing.

    The iMacs are just shy of 2″ deep with everything inside. If anything they’re closer to a tablet PC on a stand. A bit cheaper and more powerful though.

  3. the gateway is the same design form, just not apple sleek. thats all. i think the very ergonomic moving screen of the armed-imacs are one of the best things apple has ever done, but i’m picky about visual ergonomics, and where and what angle my screen is at.

    this one is just a flat eMac.


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