Take Your Children to the Stars

Origins: “Virtual Field Trips” to Eight Observatories The “Origins” website lets us look over the shoulders of scientists and glimpse the often-unseen moments of investigation. Take “virtual field trips” to eight observatories — Arecibo, where astrobiologists search for signs of life beyond the solar system; Las Cuevas, a research station in Central America’s largest remaining…

New Overtime Rules

New federal overtime rules go into effect this week. USA Today has more details: Almost all employees who make less than $455 a week ($23,660 a year) are eligible for overtime. The old rule set overtime for anyone who made… [Business Opportunities Weblog]

Flu Vaccine Is Found Tainted in Factory

Aye, carumba! The nation’s supply of vaccine for the impending flu season took a big hit Thursday when Chiron Corp. announced it had found tainted doses in its factory. [Y! News]