The Experimental Bunny

Well….it’s time. XP SP2 is running on the home machine. We’ll see if there are any conflicts or anything. I’m sure I’m going to have to turn off the firewall right away.

Keeping the fingers and toes crossed.

I love being the experimental bunny!

Update: Do not fear that which is SP2. Everything appears to be working fine.

I’m sure the majority of the problems people are facing are due to them not being used to the firewall. Most people have never really been asked to put up a firewall so using one whether the like it or not is going to take some getting used to.

I did do some tweaking and that’s where I think others are having the problems. I’m already sitting behind an excellent firewall and I know the status of my firewall so I turned the firewall off as well as the notification.

Everything appears to be running fine.

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  1. I got the notice to upgrade to SP2 on the home machine, too. Even with my ZoneAlarm running, and all of my latest updates, I still fear that SP2 will somehow ruin my ability to hit 300+ yard drives in Tiger Woods Golf, or some other tragedy.

    I think I’ll wait for SP1 for SP2.

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