Congratulations Glenn!

Our congratulations go out to Glenn Fleishman and his wife on the birth of their little boy Benjamin Warner Fleishman. We’re home, exhausted, exhilarated, and still sleep deprived, but we’re told that we’ll catch up on sleep over the next 10 to 30 years. [GlennLog] If you think you’re sleep deprived now wait a couple…

Birth Month Impacts Your Cancer Risk

The time of year in which you’re born may influence your risk of developing brain cancer as an adult. Those born in January or February have the highest risk for the disease, while those born in July or August have the lowest. There’s another interesting twist that the researchers can’t explain: The association between birth…

From the Police Scanner

WOMAN DIES AT GUN RANGE A woman died Saturday afternoon from a gunshot wound to the head she received at a Ripon firearms range, police said. Ripon police are withholding the woman’s name until her family is notified. The shooting occurred at Barnwood Arms, a gun shop and indoor firearms range on East Main Street….

Giggle giggle giggle

Now this is pretty cool. RSS Auction Keyword….fly…fishing…completed listings only…..Items priced Max: $300…..Here it is. MUAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!

RSS: Real advantage for marketing and PR

From over at Nick Bradbury’s: Neville Hobson on RSS and marketing: “The new reality is that blogs and RSS present a phenomenal opportunity to any organization to embrace these new communication channels and engage quickly, directly and effectively with customers, investors, partners and other audiences. If you can’t start a blog yet, the one thing…

In review

First article on The Daily Thing: Tech is on Ranchero’s Net News Wire.

New to The Daily Thing

I like my toys. I like to share my toys. I like to share my toys with other people and see what they have to say about them. That’s why I created The Daily Thing: Tech. Hopefully this will make it easier to find clips and snidbits. RSS feed is available here.