Breaking New Boundries

Well the redesign is going well. There’s still a few glitches which I’ve noticed in working with the Individual Archive page. Totally opposite of the front page, to get the background to repeat I had to specify a height value. This appears to be a problem with the way the page renders the content through the Movable Type interface. More research is definitely required.

On the good side people are responding well.

Originally, the title The Daily Thing, was conceived as an allusion to a daily periodical. I thought maybe it might be fun to combine an old-school typewriter with an old font giving the feel of a small newspaper. The dropshadow is just ‘cos I like it and it looks suhweet on my Mac. 😉 Be envious you Windows users.

BTW. If things look a little crisper and a little sharper than most other websites using a drop shadowed background, it’s because I made the page layout utilizing Adobe Illustrator CS and it’s slicing tools. Both Illustrator and Photoshop render web content through Image Ready, but I’ve always felt Illustrator came out sharper and less muddied. Just my opinion.

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