The Adverse Affects of XP SP2

Is Microsoft setting itself up for another lawsuit?
An article in this mornings Washington Post by Rob Peragore states that:

The most important part of SP2 is an new firewall program to stop break-ins by network worms such as Blaster. Unlike XP’s earlier firewall, this one is turned on automatically and protects every connection on a computer — even if you already have another firewall active. [Washington]

Unwittingly Microsoft may be pushing itself to monopolizing the PC security market but through little fault of their own.

It’s plausible that the a false sense of security by a new “full feature” firewall incorporated into the operating system will slam the door shut on the computer security industry as the populace moves to replace older, slower machines.

If I’ve already got a firewall why would I want another? Instead of purchasing a third party firewall/security setup or purchasing a system that comes already bundled with security utilities users could opt for a base system even if it has not been upgraded to SP2 (because it will be once they run Windows update).

“How can Microsoft building a firewall into the operating system hurt the industry when Linux and Unix (Apple OSX) have been doing it for years?” you ask.

As much as I’d like to say they do, Linux and Unix systems don’t account for 97% of the operating systems in use by the public and businesses worldwide.

So a built in firewall in Windows XP could put a major damper on next years Christmas for the security industry manufacturers.