I love my Mac.

Have I mentioned I love my Mac today? Two new updates. One for OS X to 10.3.5 and the other to fix a security flaw. Everything appears to be working as before. I love my Mac. She’s muh pwitty baybee. I wuv hur wuv hur wuv hur. Yes I do. Yes I doo…. are you…

Waiting for IT to Break

When I updated from Win98 to 98SE, things broke. When I went from 98SE to XP, things broke. When I updated to SP1, things broke. Oh tell me great and wise gurus of Microsoft, WHAT WILL BREAK THIS TIME?!?!?! BTW…still can’t use my scanner (or my webcam, for that matter). >:(

Following the Logic

I questioned to myself the other day why we career politicians to office? Someone around me responded, “Because they have experience doing the job.” If that’s true then following the same logic we should make pedophiles pediatricians, daycare workers, and teachers because they’ve had more experience with kids? Uh huh. As I’ve said time and…

Name That Tune

mmmmm-mmm mmmm mmm M mm. mmmmm-mmm mmmm mmm M mm. Can you figure out what tune it is and what’s the significance with today? Hint: They hyphenated word is multisylabbic and the M is a higher pitch than the m. Good luck.