How bad is it , doc?

One of the feeds I pick up regulary is Ask Yahoo!, a section where you can send yor question to Yahoo and they’ll research it and send you a reply.

This morning’s question was regarding the worst movie of all time, what is it. Yahoo! referred back to the Internet Movie Database’s (IMDb) 100 worst movies of all time in which users of IMDB can rate the worst movie.

By far the worst movie ever, and the answer to the Ask Yahoo! question, was ‘Manos’ the Hands of Fate scoreing a mere 1.6 with over 6,286 votes.

But the true hilarity is to be found further down the list. Sure there’s the usual spattering of ‘B-movies’ and low budget horror flicks you’d expect to see but then coming in at number 14 with over 8,922 votes and a lowly rating of 2.1 is the Ben-Jen flop, Gigli.

Yup, you knew it was bad now here’s your proof. Go now and be happy little critters for the rest of the day.