Evil Geniuses in Marketing

Atmaspheric | Endeavors: “Tonight I was scooping the cat box and decided it was time to add some more litter… I opened a fresh tub and started pouring it. As I did, a coupon folded up in quarters poured out directly into the existing litter.”

When I had a cat, I experienced this horror all the time. Who’s great idea was it to require the me to stick my hand into a cat toilet for a coupon? Bleh!

Toys or coupons in your cereal box bad enough, especially you’re going for a second serving and pouring directly into milk. [Business Opportunities Weblog

I believe the idea was thought up by the same people who designed the lids on medicine bottles then decided to put the words “Child proof” on top so that we feel like less of a man when we have to call our wives in to open them.