Warning of near-term birth ‘risk’

Interesting. Babies born just slightly prematurely have more health problems than those born at full term, US researchers say. They found conditions such as jaundice and hypoglycaemia were more common in babies born at 35 or 36 weeks gestation than those born at 37 weeks or more. [BBC]

Something in the Air

You ever have one of those days that remind you of another day? I’m not saying it’s deja-vu or anything it’s just…well..it’s like remembering how you felt on a particular day. Unfortunately I’m feeling as I did THAT day before the “shit hit the fan”. Maybe it’s the clouds outside, or the way the air…

“I’m going away. Luv MySQL Server

If anyone has can shed any light into why I keep getting the error, “MySQL server has gone away” while using Movable Type 2.6x please let me know. The posts are still hitting the server and being entered into the database but after pinging the sites and sending trackbacks it throws the error. Thanks.

Evil Geniuses in Marketing

Atmaspheric | Endeavors: “Tonight I was scooping the cat box and decided it was time to add some more litter… I opened a fresh tub and started pouring it. As I did, a coupon folded up in quarters poured out directly into the existing litter.” When I had a cat, I experienced this horror all…