Camping with Wi-Fi

Interesting find over at the PR Web feed this morning. Wi-Fi in campgrounds, an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while. Seeing as how I’m only a few minutes from Yosemite I can’t wait to give this a shot and see how it works.

Obstruction Penetrating wireless solution used in Sierra National Forest / Yosemite National Park Area campgrounds
Visitors to the Sierra National Forest / Yosemite National Park will be among the first to have WiFi access in National forest and recreational areas thanks to new, patented antennas from WiFi-Plus, Inc. The remarkable tree and obstruction penetrating qualities of the antennas were selected by Airwave Adventures and combined with Value Point Networks Rugged Access Points, to make a wireless internet available to RV?ers in Yosemite National Park area.

?The rugged design and high power of the Value Point Networks ?SuperAP? ™ and vastly superior tree penetrating ability of the WiFi-Plus antenna, allowed us to protect the environment and satisfy our customers need for wireless connectivity while visiting the park.? said Frank Beard, Communication Consultant for Airwave Adventurers. [PR Web]