Mother Natures little games

Every so often Mother Nature decides to remind us that, even though we’re a 30 something, we’re not immune to pimples.

It’s really not that bad if you’re a woman. There’s concealer, powders, blush, cover-up and any number of things being sold on the TV by Sarah Michelle Gellar to cover that unsightly blemish.

If you’re a guy, however, it’s not a pretty picture. Not only do we not wear makeup (normally) but we also like to drag those little bits of metal with really macho names like “Mach 3” and “Sensor” across our face. When that happens it’s a recipe for disaster.

You see, pimples are landmines to razors. Once you’ve hit one, there’s a lot of screaming and blood.

That ends my dissertation on this subject. I’ll be back after I get a new tournquet for this pimple.