Minutes from The Daily Thing staff meeting this morning:

0500: Beat alarm senslesss.
0501: Beat cell phone alarm going off senseless.
0502: Beat cell phone “just because”
0504: Drag butt out of bed.
0505: Scratch self.
0506: Pee.
0508: Pee.
0509: Pee.
0510: Pee.
0511: Pee.
0512: Pee (I knew I shouldn’t have drank all that water before bed.)
0513. Wash hands.
0514: Stumble into kitchen.
0515: Drop Coffee cup on foot. Dance around spouting a stream of four letter words for next 2 minutes.
0517: Pour coffee.
0518 – 0530: Sit in front of computers wondering why I’m writing this.