Anyone can be a speed demon

AMA Life member Jerry Bowers figured that if his wife was going to have a wheelchair, it might as well have some power. And the end result was a couple of wheelchairs powered by motorcycle engines?including a dragster version good for 130 mph. [AMA Direct]

Sneaky Bastards

CNN are sneaky bastards. They get you to disable your pop-up blocker so you can watch the live webcam of the DNC in Boston and the next thing you know you have 30 pop-under ads (not an overstatement). I’m sure glad the value of their advertising $ is more than the value of their readership….

The Don’ts of Web Design

Don’t use JavaScript. Don’t use CSS 2.0. Don’t use Flash. Don’t make people scroll. Don’t use frames. Don’t use images. Don’t use old tags. Don’t use tables. Don’t use bright colors. Don’t use dull colors. Don’t use colors at all. Don’t use weird fonts. Don’t use normal fonts. Don’t use fonts at all. Don’t forget…

The War President

Hey look! One war wasn’t enough for Bush. Let’s try to piss off Cuba (who was becoming much more US friendly in recent months) and Sudan while we’re at it. As if being at war in Iraq and Afghanistan and pushing North Korea’s buttons isn’t enough? Are you getting your intelligence from the same source…